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Friday, September 5, 2014

Navy Floral Maxi Dress

Hello!! How did your week go? I’ve been a little bit disconnected, I know!! But this is what being on holidays means, plus I have no computer and almost no Internet connection some times. I’ll try to catch up with everything today!!

I spent my day yesterday with some friends; we had lunch and swam in the pool, and what a better way of ending this day than going for a walk? The truth is that the weather has been quite chilly lately but it is the chance to wear these pieces of clothing that we wouldn’t be able to wear if we were having a hot summer, don’t you think? This gorgeous dress is one of these pieces of clothing, I liked the fabric and the cut when I tried it the day I received it. I was looking forward to wearing it for the first time!! I chose pink and silver accessories this time because I wanted to dress to stand out this time. How do you like the result?

I wish you all a super-weekend. We’re entering August!! I love this month, but it always seems to me that the best part of the year is coming to an end… hahahaha!! Hope that you liked the outfit and that you can drop a line with your thoughts. Thank you very much .. !!


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