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Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 Shimmery Smoky Eyes To Try This Weekend

There’s still a little bit of summer left to hold onto for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, but as the weeks go by, our minds, wardrobes and make-up kits are slowly starting to embrace the change brought on by another wonderful fall season.

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Smokey Eye.

Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeliner Smoky Eye.

If you’re into the whole perfectly-imperfect smudged smoky eye, this is the look for you, perfected with a little bit of colour and some easy tips:

Blackened Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Mila Kunis Inspired Makeup.

Sexy, gorgeous and easy to recreate: this about sums up a girl’s favorite kind of makeup for the night, but it also describes Kara’s flawless take on Mila Kunis’ signature smoky eye:


The Fall By Attlia Olah


How To Choose And Find Cheap Scarves And Other Fashion Accessories

Are you running out of ideas regarding what outfit to wear and need a little bit more variety? Then consider buying some fashion accessories such as cashmere scarves, belts and hats.

They are relatively inexpensive and can add a lot of character to any outfit when chosen carefully. Therefore, you need to find an online store that can offer you a very large choice so that you can find exactly what you need to make any outfit look good.

Contact the store for advice

A sign of a good quality clothing store is one that can offer you advice regarding how to choose a particular item of clothing. If you are stuck for ideas on how to mix and match clothing accessories with outfits then sales representatives at a clothing store should be able to help you.

The more communication methods that an online store has the better, because you might have a particular preference of online communication such as telephone, online messaging or e-mail.

Competitive pricing

One advantage of shopping online is that the prices that are offered are typically very competitive when compared with the offline options. You should expect clothing companies to be offering you free shipping and discounts on a large selection of their clothing range.Therefore, don’t buy clothing accessories from the first store you come across, instead try to find a store that is able to offer you huge discounts so that you can make the most of your clothing budget. For instance, you can buy an inexpensive scarf which will free up some money to buy other accessories.

 However, if you buy an expensive scarf then you might not have the money to buy additional accessories, which will limit your ability to customize your outfits. Remember the more clothing accessories that you buy the more you will have to choose from when you want to add variety to your clothing rotation.

Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality

There is nothing wrong with buying cheap clothing, in fact it is often the case that the quality is exactly the same as that of more expensive clothing. Cheap scarves for example look no different from more expensive ones on the whole therefore don’t be ashamed to buy cheap clothing.

A good quality online clothing store will give you a full description regarding what materials a particular item of clothing was made from, which will allow you to get a good idea of what to expect quality-wise. But if you were to receive an item of clothing that you weren’t happy with then you can ask for a refund. Any reputable online store will have no problem giving you a refund if the item is sent back in the same condition that it was sent to you.
by John Petty

Best Jewelry Findings with Designs

A common term you pick up when you initially start creating jewelry all on your own is actually "jewelry findings." That simple content will certainly explain what the actual differences are nevertheless the easiest method to get them. Many of us will also discover if it's worthy of your time finding out produce your information? Studies are all kinds of jewelry accessories, including green backs, earring anchoring screws and also films, necklace bails, clasps, bands, these sharp headpins, extenders plus more. So what on earth would be the distinction between "findings" and also "parts"? Presently there actually is little of a distinction whatsoever, in most cases.

Beading is usually so much more when compared with beans and chain. You will find there's total choice of goods that you will find needed or maybe a minimum of valuable. For instance, grabs, clasps, ear canal wires, and many other considerations. Jewelry making supplies are composed of a variety of factors but absolutely no section of necklaces is usually finishing devoid of necklaces studies. So what on earth specifically tend to be these materials and what makes these people consequently crucial to necklaces producing? These kinds of studies tend to be many of the portions in which not merely contain the necklaces in concert, but incorporate this kind of goods since gemstones. These play a role inside the formation regarding necklaces and quite a few tend to be considered to be completing portions to the similar necklaces. Results this way may appear in an assortment of alloys like rare metal, metallic, brass along with gold and silver. All of the sizing's amounts through smaller too big and don't just handle rings and things. 

They could also handle earrings, barrettes, key rings, stay hooks, brooches and so forth. Therefore, in jewelry making supplies there exists numerous goods that are offered that may help you develop and finish ones necklaces layout and said as a whole. Realizing where to get ones products could be the most difficult portion, in particular if you have absolutely no retailer nearby. Quite often, an online search can easily have benefits speedily.

Gold Jewelry Making - Gold jewelry findings appear a little additional opulent than sterling silver ones, yet could be a very little lagging, determined by what sort of precious metal blend they may be made up of. Tougher metals usually are a little higher priced. Gold jewelry making studies appear very good together with drops that are prosperous blues or even veggies, or even together with precious metal colored material drops.

Brass Jewelry Making - This type of jewelry findings study is strong, plus they are perfect for use in portions which often you would like to appear older or even classic. Metal studies will also be great to work with about additional casual items of necklaces for those who have an allergy in order to nickel.

Homemade Jewelry Making - When persons become quite experienced within the fine art associated with necklaces; they could start to generate their own studies. To do this, you may need complex necklaces doing equipment, which often have the ability to burn as well as solid material. Even so, should you be lucky every single child help these kind of equipment, being able to generate your own personal studies provides a genuine edge, as it will be easy to make the right studies when, as opposed to having find suited ones.
by Ashley Lee